Jewellery is often considered a girl’s best friend and often announces the entry of the bride into her new home. Traditionally most brides wear silver anklets as compared to gold. This belief is losing its old-school charm as there are new inspiring designs for the modern bride. Brides today have an array of options to choose and can even customize their own anklet.

Rajasthani bridal anklets

This is a thick anklet with elements of gold; a true Rajasthani bridal anklet accentuates the rich and royal look of the bride. These heavy anklets can be solely metallic or the ones having fine attention to detail design works if Kundan or Meenakari.

Marathi bridal anklets

In complete opposition to its Rajasthani counterpart and the complicated Jhallar style of South Indian anklets, the Marathi anklets boast minimal style traditionally made of gold that can also have some precious stones like rubies and emerald. These anklets can either be in a single or a double strand of irregular gemstones. Marathi style looks not only minimal but also sophisticated; elegant that looks perfect for an Indian bride.

Entice them with This Modern Anklet + Toe Ring

This style is not meant for all brides, as this can only be pulled off by bolder brides. This anklet + toe ring looks delicate and very chic together. This is indeed a deadly combination. This style is for those brides who want to make a statement by telling from the start whose boss and under no circumstance she can be taken for granted. Crafted using finest mirror pieces this bride can give anyone a run for his money.

Bridal anklets are not only meant to accentuate the bride’s overall look but it also adds a balance in the overall look and her new life. It is often believed that gold and silver are gold conductors of energy. They act as mediation between the earth and human body.