Shopping for that perfect dress can be a task in its own but also a once in a lifetime experience. It is normal for brides to under tremendous pressure to find that ‘Perfect Dress’. While looking for different styles of outfits while browsing online catalogs no bride would like to imagine her as if she has been airbrushed.

A long veil or train

Brides can add some amount of drama to their wedding dress to enhance the overall look. In fact, this will never go out of style. Brides have got multiple options of incorporating a train in their wedding attire. The saying ‘Less is more’ is appropriate when choosing the dress. Brides would prefer having a delicate fabric that can resist alterations without any tearing or ripping as no bride would want a hole in their veil even before they walk down the aisle.

Jewellery and Headpiece

Every bride must choose her jewellery and headpiece also the that would match the style of the dress and hairstyle that center the overall bridal look. Modern brides prefer to add crystals in their wedding dress and they should keep their accessories simple such as a bracelet with a headband. Brides can also add some sparkle with earrings or a simple necklace that can pull off this look. The idea is to accentuate the design of the overall dress with jewelry in such a way that one does not overpower the other and the overall look is in a perfect synchronization.

When it comes to beading, less is more

Bad embroidery can make even the most beautiful dress look inexpensive. Luxury outfits often feature delicate beading that enhances the overall the design rather than making itself the centre of attraction. Every bride must have complete control over how much beading she wants and also the kind of pattern she wants in her dress.

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