So as the Grand Day approaches near, a major task of finalizing and customizing the outfit is done and it is pretty apparent that by now most of the brides would have picked up their dream wedding outfits. Every bridal outfit is incomplete without a veil and headpiece. But the task is not over as yet. Another behemoth of a task now is to find the ideal jewelry and accessories that would match perfectly with the outfit. Similar to the wedding outfit, there are multiple variations of jewelry and it too can be a task of its own.

1. Consider the Neckline of Your Dress

The most important aspect of any wedding dress is its neckline and every bride must take into thorough consideration her neckline while selecting her wedding outfit. No matter what kind of jewelry a bride chooses whether it’s a necklace, earrings or bracelets, each piece must compliment the neckline of the dress. The neckline of the dress is directly proportional to the length of the necklace. The necklace should not touch the dress and brides must think about the length of the necklace and it can complement the neckline.

2.Coordinate With Your Dress Colour

Colour coordination is very important as one should not overlap the other. Traditionally white is the preferred color for brides but there are other shades of white also when it comes to wedding dresses. Brides should not let the shade variations clash with metal colors that they choose for their wedding jewelry.

3. Choose Matching Gems

Every bride must also choose the gems in her jewelry very carefully that matches her wedding attire in some way or the other. The pearls in the earrings should match the gems in the necklace as well. This applies to diamonds and crystals as well. Brides can look elegant and sophisticated while choosing the gemstones that match either the color or the shape of the wedding attire. To enhance the look the metals should be in perfect harmony. Ideally, brides can choose one metal color and let that metal carry in all accessory pieces

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