It is a fact that every India bride looks spectacular when she puts on her wedding outfit. The heavily embroidered dress accompanied by traditional jewelry and a stylish hairstyle accentuates the beauty of an Indian bride. The best aspect of our Indian outfits is that it suits brides of all shapes and sizes. Brides can experiment a lot with cuts, textures, and colors.

It is a well-known fact that for any woman, her bridal outfit is the most important apparel of her life. Since the brides conceptualize her own outfit and responsible for customizing it to make it look perfect, it is also a known fact that what might look like a render might not look perfect in reality. In order to find that perfect outfit, it is important every bride knows her body shape and size and only then buys her wedding outfit to make it like a dream come true.


Research is the primary aspect of everything. The first and foremost thing that every bride must understand before undergoing her bridal shopping is the fact about knowing her body shape and type as every girl has a different size, type, and figure. So, it is important to know whether a bride has an apple-shape or pear-shaped body or anything else and only then plan that perfect wedding outfit. The three types of body shapes are top-heavy called apple-shaped, bottom-heavy (pear-shaped) and hourglass. In the plus size category, a bride has overall weight. Thus it becomes mandatory for brides to know their body type and then shop for their outfit.


The fabric is the most important aspect when it comes to deciding the perfect wedding outfit. A wedding outfit can be made in Net, Georgette, Silk, Raw Silk and many more fabrics as the choice are endless. It is advisable for curvy brides to choose lighter fabrics. The fabric can break or make your entire look.

Elegance you can wear.