It is already mid-November and that means “Winter Is Coming” and the wedding season is on.  Winter is apparently the best season of the year where there is no need to worry about sweat, food tastes much better too and also commences the celebration season. It is inevitable that most brides would be facing a sleepless dilemma of how to look fashionable and still managing to face the chill even if the outfit is perfect.

It is apparently difficult for guests to dress perfectly for the wedding during winter weddings and this is more evident in ladies. Nobody would like to look off wearing an unattractive sweater on a stunning saree or any outfit. But, again it is also a fact that nobody to fall ill by braving the winters. So, the dilemma becomes either to look fashionable or keep yourself safe as both can’t go together. . . Can’t they?


Brides, bridesmaids or any guest, a stole becomes a savior especially if it’s made of velvet or pashmina instead of a regular dupatta for any winter wedding. How one wants to drape it, becomes an individual’s choice. Brides can also opt for stoles that also double as a dupatta.


December and January are where the winters are at its peak. No bride, bridesmaids or guest would want their legs to freeze under the saree or lehenga. The best way to avoid such unnecessary situation would be to wear a warm thermal legging under the outfit. It would definitely give warmth and even not put unnecessary weight or tend to make the outfit heavier.


Velvet is a fabric that can never go out of trend and it becomes trendier during winters. This

Fabric gives a royal and warm appearance during winter weddings. Brides can openly experiment with this fabric and can wear either a velvet lehenga or put on a velvet dupatta with any suit either like a stole.

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